How quickly can I see the result of back-linking efforts?

The time for enjoying results varies depending on various factors like keyword competition and other some other aspects. Generally, some websites evaluate it within 10 weeks. However, to know specifics of it, you can simply ask our organization when hiring us for the job. After, our comprehensive research, we will offer a detailed report of it.

How to find how many backlinks my website has already?

There are numerous tools available on the internet which can be used for getting an idea about the number of backlinks a website has. However, you need to remember that most online tools can crawl the web using own bots. It means that the search capability of such tools is limited. They offer a website’s backlink number which is just 50% at the most.

What is the refund policy?

If our link is not placed within a specified time, then you can get a refund for it. However, to know about it more, you can go through our terms and conditions or simply take to your customer assistance group.

What backlink type I should purchase?

We will offer backlinks for numerous platforms for our clients depending on their requirement and desire. Such platforms include:

  • Bookmarks such as Elgg, Pligg, Scuttle, etc.
  • Web 2.0 includes Joomla, Elgg, Drupal, etc.
  • Social media like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Reddit, etc.
  • Websites which has substantially high page and domain authority.
  • Wikis (Wakka, MediaWiki, etc.)
  • PBN
  • Random domain like .edu, .gov, etc.
  • Domains which are completely safe for a website

Is purchasing backlinks a safe option?

Yes, it is a completely safe and secure process. We check and offer excellent links that have high domain authority, page authority, etc. before linking it to a website of our client. It is approved by the biggest search engine worldwide such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. 

How to know how many backlinks my site requires?

A small website or personal blog with low competitive keywords require fewer amounts of backlinks. The result of such link building can be checked by you with a maximum period of 6 weeks and you will see your ranking.

Now, people who own a large business with ample competitors, then one would require buying a higher amount of backlinks than a small business website or blogging site. To know the exact number of backlink one would need, simply get in touch with our team and they will analyze and offer you a detailed report.

Is it monthly or one-time payment?

To hire us you will have to pay us just one time. However, to know about this in detail, you can check the different packages we have created for our clients and choose a package from there according to your need.

Do backlinks work for YouTube videos, blogs, social media platforms, etc.?

Our professionals ensure that backlinks provided by us would play a significant role in getting a higher rank on search engine results pages. Our backlinks will work for different types of websites such as social media web pages, YouTube videos, articles and blogs on various websites, and more. Hence, irrespective of what you opt for, our backlinks will provide you with an option to rank higher on Google and other search engine pages. All you need is to hire us and we can take care of the rest for you. You will be able to notice the results soon after we start working.

How can backlink services like PerfectAlt help me?

Our job is to boost your ranking on search engine results pages, which in turn, improves your traffic amount and sales. With our backlink services, your website will sit in one of the top 10 spots offered by search engines’ pages. By having a higher rank you will receive an enormous amount of traffic than before and convert them to consumers easily.

With our high quality backlinks, you can achieve all these within a few months’ time and leave your competitors behind. If you want to know more about the backlink process and other aspects of it, simply you can get in touch with our customer assistance team.

Why is it necessary for me to buy backlinks?

Backlinks are quite essential for every website if owners of those websites want to rank higher and have visitors on their web page. Every time a web page opts for linking to your website, it will enjoy increased value in eyes of search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. This assists a website to move into a higher position than it already is on SERPs.

Every business nowadays to survive in the competitive market will opt for SEO practices. In every SEO strategy, backlink plays a critical role. Acquiring more backlinks aid a website to rank higher on a search engine, which is the ultimate reason for indulging in SEO practices. Hence, choose our Link Building service in India.

What is a backlink?

Backlinks refer to texts where you can click and that would redirect you to a different webpage that is related to the content. These are incoming backlinks from a single website to another. It is known as inbound links, inward links, backlinks, or incoming links.

Backlinks are one of the most vital aspects of SEO practices and for ranking higher on SERPs. It generally has two portions in it; one is the anchor text and second is the URL. Backlinks can either be image or text links and performs two particular functions. The first is that it aids in ensuring the reputation of a linked website improves drastically.

The second is it performs in link popularity. It simply means that link numbers are measured to see its online popularity. Also, link popularity assists in ranking higher as it a primary factor when search engine rank is involved.

Google and every other search engines check such anchor texts. With anchor text related to one’s website topic will enhance that website’s rank significantly and help it achieve better results in acquiring traffic and conversion of visitors.